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Payroll Payment System (PPS)

It is a bulk payment solution, which is part of Cash Management Services, whereby it helps the Bank in automating the payment processing for corporate customers’. The service doesn’t involve only upload of payments but also assuring a predefined day of credit/debit to the corporate/clients and managing the entire fund flow on behalf of the corporate.

Payroll Payment System is a highly scalable, modular, workflow based and business rule driven application that has been designed to facilitate the bulk payment requirements of the banks and their corporate customers’. It allows banks to manage payment related services for their customers. Apart from handling the above functions, it also offers a parameterized arrangement, inbound and outbound file formats and charges set up to ensure flexibility in terms of service offering and charging by banks.Payroll Payment System is capable of interfacing with the external token system and follows the customer’s preferred vendor to support ‘Two Factor Authentication’. Currently we have interface ready with our vendor for external token authentication.

Payroll Payment System provides financial institutions of all sizes with a proven bulk clearing solution comprises of account receivables and account payables processing.

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